Help! My Elderly Parents Need Financial Assistance From A Daily Money Manager

It Can Be Overwhelming Taking Care of Elderly Parents Financial Affairs

When my mother had a stroke 20 years ago I had to step in and become her caretaker. It was overwhelming. I was already busy living my own life yet I instantly had to make time to caretake her affairs. 

Senior Citizen DMM

Taking my mom & her friends to her favorite place – the beach!

The first priority, get her into a safe place where her personal needs would be met. Next, address her financial affairs. Who was going to manage day to day bills? The reality was it was going to have to be me. I set to work getting clear on the current status of her affairs.   Key areas included identifying expenses, reducing costs, automating bills and organizing paperwork. I learned a lot back then. Fortunately I was able to get it manageable and under control.

Shifting Care-taking Responsibilities Creating Stress for Families

I discovered that many friends and their aging parents were struggling with similar issues. Some were dealing with sudden medical issues for others a life change such as recently widowed, for others just the natural course of aging. But the common factor was this shift was creating significant stress for families.  According to a study by National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP there are approximately 34.2 million unpaid caregivers to adults in the US.  That’s a lot of family members stepping up to help!

The Good News is a Daily Money Manager Can Help Support You

Get The 7 Tips For Managing My Elderly Parents Personal and Financial Affairs

A Daily Money Manager (DMM)  is a person who performs day-to-day financial transactions for any individual, family, busy professional or small business that is unable, does not have the time or desire to perform the tasks themselves. Having a trusted expert handle the day-to-day matters helps reduce stress for all involved. Seniors benefit. Families feel supported. And there is a greater sense of relief knowing personal affairs and finances are taken care of.  

Ready to Get Started?

If you are experiencing stress managing your or a loved ones personal & financial affairs and don’t know where to begin, please reach out. There is support out there, you don’t have to do it alone!

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~ Alix Longfellow: Founder Lionheart Organizing Solutions, LLC
For over 20 years helping families organize, simplify & manage the important details of their lives.