How can a Daily Money Manager help me?

A DMM is a person who performs day-to-day financial transactions for any individual, family, senior citizen, someone going through life change such as recently divorced or widowed, a busy professional or small business that is unable to or does not have the time or desire to perform the tasks themselves. Daily Money Managers help people who can’t, don’t want to, or shouldn’t manage their day-to-day financial matters. Whether you are struggling to manage your money better or simply don’t have the time, DMM’s work onsite and virtually to make sure you are managing your money wisely, setting up systems to make sure your paperwork is in order and bills are paid on time.

What is your privacy policy?

All client relationships are strictly confidential. We do not share information with any third party unless a client authorizes us to do so. As AADMM (The American Association of Daily Money Managers) member we required to abide by their strict code of ethics (Code-of-Ethics-AADMM) as well as undergo biennial rigorous International and Domestic background checks by Global Investigative Services, Inc.

Will I lose my independence if I hire a Daily Money Manager?

No, we work to assist you in managing your financial and organizational affairs. Services are customized to the client’s goals. So whether you want more assistance and support with managing your financial affairs or less is up to you.

What do you charge?

The initial consultation is free of charge. Our fee for work is based on an hourly rate, which varies depending on the amount of time involved in handling each case. Many of our clients want ongoing assistance so we do offer monthly maintenance packages as well.

How can I get started with Lionheart Daily Money Management

Contact Us or call 609.884.3482 to schedule a free consultation where we can learn about you and your needs.

Professional Organizing & Coaching FAQ’s

What can a Professional Organizer Coach do for me?

Professional Organizer Coaches work with clients to get results that last. Coaching is a powerful partnership that is designed to help you take effective action to reach your goals. The coaching relationship designed to support awareness & insight, and along with accountability, helps clients reach their goals. So if you are living and/or working in a disorganized environment our goal is to work to help you reclaim order and time in your lives.

I own a home-based business; do you consult with small companies?

Yes. We work to improve efficiency, organize your space and streamline your procedures. As Daily Money Managers we also provide assistance with Quickbooks set up, online bill paying, strategic planning and business coaching.

Can you help me with time management?

Absolutely. Effective Time Management often starts with refining organizational systems and processes (work flow & filing solutions etc.), in conjunction with getting clarity on your specific calendar & scheduling issues and needs.

Are our sessions confidential?

Yes. All client relationships are strictly confidential. Trust is essential to building a good working relationship so it is imperative that confidentiality be maintained. As NAPO member we are bound by their professional code of ethics. (NAPO Code of Ethics)

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards.