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Here are a few helpful Tip Sheets, Worksheets and Resources.

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Organizing Resources: Donation, Recycling & Disposal 

Below are some useful information & resources links for donating, recycling and disposing of items. We have listed just a small sampling of resources but if you require specific solutions please contact us and let us know. Also, we provide these links as a courtesy so be sure to contact any organization directly to find out their policies and procedures as we are not responsible for the information on the sites*


Earth 911 | information on how to recycle and for locating recycling centers

Gazelle | selling & recycling electronics and cell phones

Greendisk  |   GreenDisk handles your technotrash disposal needs

e-Stewards  |  Locate by State e-waste recycling facilities for electronic waste

The Salvation Army | miscellaneous items

Cell Phones for Soldiers | donating cell phones

Dress For Success  |  donating professional attire to disadvantaged women searching for jobs

Salvation Army Deductibles |  Valuations Guide

Medication Disposal   |  To help locate local medical disposal programs

Think Outside The Bin   |  Suggestions for recycling specific items

GreenandSave    |   News, Tips and Services for saving money, energy and the planet

ReconnectPartnership   |  Computer Equipment Recyling (Managed by Goodwill & Dell)

Action Donation  |  Charitable donations of cars, boats, etc.

ShredNations   |  Shredding Services