Daily Money Management,
Organizing & Coaching

Managing modern daily life isn’t easy.
We have so many options today … and so many obligations. Our resources and possessions should bring us security, freedom, and comfort. But for so many busy professionals, working parents, frequent travelers, entrepreneurs, and seniors, personal money management and home or office organization is stressful, frustrating, and complex. Paperwork piling up. Important personal finance decisions made under pressure. Opportunities overlooked. Suddenly, you can start to resent the very resources you worked so hard to acquire. You don’t have to do this alone. A skillful, solutions-focused daily money manager, professional organizer, and coach you trust can change everything.

Helping families organize, simplify & manage the important details of their lives

For over 20 years, Lionheart money managers, professional organizers and personal assistants have solved problems, created systems, soothed frustrations, structured and protected assets, and shown people just like you how to restore calm and reclaim confidence in their daily lives.

We listen closely. We work collaboratively. We can cope with absolutely anything. And you will know from our very first conversation just how much we care.

Experience the power of having a personalized plan—and a person you trust to implement it. From building a filing system for your home or business to creating a home inventory for insurance or estate planning, Lionheart NAPO-member personal organizers can transform the way you live and work.

Putting your money to work for you (and providing essential daily money management services) is just the start of what a skilled, Quickbooks and Quicken-savvy, AADMM-member financial organizer can do for you.

Learn how to manage your money and your life from proven experts who know you, understand you, and want to see you succeed.

You don’t need to do it all—you just need to get in touch.

It's time to talk to Lionheart about the lifestyle you want!



“Alix is great! She is proficient at organizing bills, identifying and locating statements and information to help create budgets and get estates organized. She is smart, hard working, extremely honest, dependable and knows her stuff!”

Karen, Investment Firm Manager Philadelphia, PA