For more than 20 years helping families simplify & manage life’s important financial & personal details!

I’m Alix Longfellow and I’m excited you have found Lionheart Organizing Solutions!
We love working with families, senior citizens, busy professionals, adult children managing their parents affairs – anyone struggling to manage finances organize papers, day to day bills, bill-pay, and more. We work to help remove obstacles that are getting in the way of being in control of money, bills, files, home organization, so you can feel in control and focus on living the life you have always dreamed.

Working both on-site (in your home and home office), as well as work virtually to help you get control or bills, finances, budgets and more. As Daily Money Managers and Professional Organizers we absolutely love what we do! We love solving problems. Some clients come to us directly needing assistance for themselves. Others are adult children struggling to handle their aging parents finances, paperwork, estates and bills and need support.

How We Work

With expertise in Daily Money Manager and Professional Organizing we assess the current situation and utilize a variety of customized solutions to streamline records management, billpay systems, home, and home office organizational needs supporting clients in getting relief from the stress of trying to manage it all. Many clients come to us feeling overwhelmed and our approach is warm and accepting. Clients appreciate that we offer a ton of support and work hard to make their lives easier You’ll feel that you have someone working side by side, every step of the way with the goal to help you!

Trained in Coaching we have a deep passion for helping people move past the chaos, the financial & organizational stress, empowering clients to move towards a more satisfied, stress-free future.. Imagine feeling engaged, empowered, energized, that is what working with Lionheart can do for you!

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