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    Frequently Asked Organizing Questions

    Listed here are some of the most common organizing and productivity questions. If you have a specific question you don't see here, please contact us - we want to help!


    Why hire a professional organizer? 

    Professional organizers know how to get results that last. For those who are living and/or working in a cluttered and chaotic environment professional organizers provide an invaluable service. By assessing the situation in person, providing hands on & virtual assistance, and designing systems we help you reclaim order and time in your lives. 

    How is a professional organizer going to help?  

    By providing expertise, support and encouragement enabling you to get and stay organized with solutions tailored to your particular needs. Many clients already own organizing books and tools that they have purchased along the way, but with a Professional Organizers objective perspective we guide the process along bringing our own energy and experience and work to transfer organizing skills so you can remain organized long after we leave.

    I own a home based business, do you consult with small companies?  

    Yes, organizing physical areas such as desks and files as well as computer/electronic areas of home based and small businesses. We provide services for those wanting to be more efficient so they can increase productivity for growth. We provide assistance with Quickbooks set up, online bill paying, strategic planning as well as business coaching. Visit Apple, and Virtual solutions pages to see how we can help.  

    I've been disorganized all my life. Can I change?  

    Absolutely. With the expertise that a professional organizer provides you can learn how to become organized and maintain the changes. 

    I have stuff that I love, do I have to throw it all out? 

    No, we help define the things that are important to you, find a more orderly solutions for storing them and help part with things that you might be ready to let go of.

    Do you do virtual assistance work and if so, what types of services?

    Yes. We provide services virtually.  A great solution for many who need help. Please visit our Virtual Assistant services page for more information on what we do and how we can help. 

    Can you help me with time management?  

    Absolutely. We do targeted session for those wanting assistance with time management issues. I will add that getting areas in your home or office organized will also help. Very often difficulty with time management is a function of a lack of effective systems (filing, desktop, storage, etc.) Clients find that they end up with "extra" time in a day simply by tweaking a few things in their physical space in conjunction with targeted approaches to your calendar and scheduling needs.

    How long will it take to get organized?  

    It depends. The scope of the project, your available schedule, and myriad factors make each project a unique situation making it difficult to give a specific time frame. The approach will be tailored to your individual needs and the pace will reflect that.  

    Do you accept credit cards?  

    We accept credit cards via paypal, checks, business checks, and cashiers checks.  

    Can I make an appointment for someone else to get organized?  

    Generally speaking we wouldn't recommend it for residential organizing as the person who needs the services should be the one who makes the appointment because they need to be engaged in the process. There are situations where this doesn't have to be the case; in business for example, including home based where both husband and wife are working out of the space, it is possible to make significant progress when the person who most uses the space isn't the one who made the call. To make the most progress and create lasting change there does need to be a "meeting of the minds" and a willingness to participate. We suggest you email us and tell us your goals and we can provide a plan to help.

    Will you work with me the entire time?  

    That's up to you. You may want assistance every step of the way; or you may want to work after the session ends in order to make headway before the next appointment.

    Are our sessions confidential?

    NAPO Code of EthicsYes. It is important to feel that you can trust and confide in the professional organizer. Trust and understanding are essential to building a good working relationship so it is imperative that confidentiality be maintained. Also, as a member of NAPO we are bound by their professional code of ethics (see pdf.)