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    Praise from some of our clients: 

    Here are just a few comments from some of our happy clients who have experienced the benefits of becoming more organized, streamlined and productive.

    Philadelphia Museum of Art | Organized on-site PR Department storage facility. 

    Lionheart took over 12 years of disarray and put together a highly organized, highly accessible system which allowed virtually any person to enter it to immediately understand the contents. All materials were clearly marked, cross-referenced, and indexed- it is hard to fully describe "the before" of this situation except to say that "the after" allowed multiple departments to find essential, detailed information years later..

     ~ Barbara J.  Philadelphia, PA

    Barbara Hemphil, The Paper Tiger Lady  | Apple Consulting, iWork Training, Strategic Solutions and Problem Solving. 

    I recently became a Macbook owner after 30+ user of using PC's. As a entrepreneur whose passion is helping individuals accomplish their work so they can enjoy their lives without a doubt one of my most valuable resources is Lionheart Organizing Solutions. Alix not only assists me with learning how to be an effective Apple user, but she offers strategic solutions that have increased my own productivity and improved my business strategies.   Thanks, Alix!

    Barbara Hemphill  Raleigh, North Carolina 

    ACCC Simulations  | Quicksbooks consultation and set up. 

    We were looking for a financial management solution/tool for our business and after consulting with and recommendations from Lionheart we decided to opt for Quickbooks. Alix took the time to show us the power of the program, assist with the initial company set and worked with us to carefully categorize our finances so that not only could we make our tax preparation easier, but have a clearer view of our financial picture on a day to day basis. I will add that one of the great things about the entire process is we did it all virtually making the entire process timely and affordable.

    Paul L.  Miami, FL / Auckland, New Zealandprofessional organizing international work new zealand

    Home Office Business Owner  | Apple setup, training & digital photographic organizing.

    Alix is truly a Pro! What an enthusiastic and efficient Organizer/Apple Consultant. After working with her it's clear she gets great satisfaction in helping you solve your computing problems quickly in the most efficient way possible. Alix knows and loves all things Apple. Should you be looking to buy a new computer, she knows just about everything Mac related and can give excellent advice on what system would best suit your needs and budget. Should you be needing assistance with a program or looking for a solution to a certain problem, Alix has an in depth knowledge of the Apple software and can help solve your problems quickly. She can advise on how to integrate a laptop, home computer, iPhone and/or iPod Touch to help you get more done in less time.

    ~ Lisa L.  Philadelphia, PA

    Personal Client  | Apple Computer email, photo, ichat video conferencing set up.  

    Lionheart helped me set up my new computer. A retired homemaker i've never really used a computer, but I wanted to communicate with my family who are spread out back in the states. I was able with her assistance to get the computer set up so that I can video chat with my kids. Also, an avid photographer with a lifetime of photos, she helped me load them onto the computer so now I can create slideshows to share with friends and know how to email them too. Thanks, it's so great to have access to all my memories!

    professional organizer international work sweden~ Karin R.  Gothenburg, Sweden

    Artist, Marketing Consultant  | Organized residential living space and home office. 

    Lionheart re-organized both personal and business files, set up a means of tax recording, and maximized limited square footage for optimal efficiency and value. In addition, the space became more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Alix is abundantly gifted with innate organizational skills. I was blessed to have found her.

    Karen N.  New York, NY

    CapemayX | Organized systems for handling media assets, files & production workflow & content creation. 

    Lionheart implemented a system that allows our small company to operate at peak efficiency.  We collect, create, and distribute tons of content on a daily basis, from videos to photos essays to full length articles. Having an efficient organizational backdrop allows us to create and adapt to our customers needs at lightning speed. Our business would fall apart if we didn't have these systems in place and we're thrilled with the results to date.

    ~ Michael L.  Cape May, NJ

    Personal Client | Apple setup, transferring contacts & data transfer, computer system training. 

    I doubt that I would have had the courage in my retirement years to make the switch to a MacBook from my older system had it not been for Lionheart, whose immediate response and understandable advice has always been and continues to be there for me.  To be able to quickly move into my new computer and navigate it with ease and use the programs is invaluable, I cannot recommend Alix highly enough.

    professional organizer international services paris and europe~ Alexandra E.   Philadelphia, PA / Paris, France

    Museums Without Walls  | Time management, home office organization setup, calendar & database setup. 

    Lionheart established for Museums Without Walls, a new company without pre-existing systems, a wonderfully easy to use and access mechanism for time management, billing, accounting, calendaring and a database. These systems were lifesavers for two neophytes more involved with working with clients than thinking of how to manage the details of daily operation. Alix's contributions made everything that went right the first year possible.

    Barbara P.   Los Angeles, CA

    Phoenix Marketing Group  | Accountability system for sales team, coded filing systems arranged calendar for President & Vice President & structured shipping system.

    Alix immediately grasped the scope of our needs and got to work setting up systems for sales and accountability and fulfillment, filing methods and a structure shipping department. Her performance at Phoenix was impressive.

    Karen N.  New York, NY

    Personal Client  | De-cluttered shared home office and set up new separate home office creating space for hobbies and crafts.

    All my life I’ve had difficulty knowing what I should save or throw out. Most times I couldn’t decide so I would just save it and several rooms in my home were full of boxes, bags and other storage containers. The rooms were so cluttered I tried to avoid having to look at it and I couldn’t seem to organize the mess I created. I felt frustrated never believing it would ever change. Then, I met Alix Longfellow. She understands the stress and feelings of shame that can often accompany a disorganized life and she helped me organize and create my own home office, so I could be more productive in my volunteer Victim Advocacy work and she taught me about the importance of having balance in my life, something I needed. With Lionheart's help and encouragement I was able to create space in my office and my life for my hobbies and varied interests, and to remember to block out time on my calendar to enjoy them.

    ~ Pat R.  Millville, New Jersey

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