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    We're in Business to Help You Get Organized

    LionheartPro provides consulting to help improve your space and streamline your environment helping you become more efficient and productive. Specializing in solutions for business and residential areas we provide hands on and virtual assistance to address your organizing and Daily Money Management needs. Our goal is to help clients focus on what is important to create benefits that last. 

    virtual business and personal organizing servicesapple computer and technology organizing solutions and services

    Creating Solutions for Home and Office

    People are overwhelmed. There is so much to keep track of, so much to do. The real problem is most people don't have effective organizing and productivity systems in place to keep up with today's ever increasing pace. And that's where we come in. We can help you find the right solutions for your goals and we have the skills and experience to set you up with proven techniques that can make a huge difference in your productivity and general well being. 

    Daily Money Management Solutions

    Whether you are a busy professional, senior citizen, small business owner, or just someone who wants help with their financial information we can help. Some of the services offered: Bill Pay, organizing documents (financial statements, tax prep, medical insurance) and more. 

    Small Business Organizing

    With more small business owners than ever before hardworking individuals benefit greatly from streamlining their systems. When you are clear and organized it's easier to focus on areas that excite you whether it's increasing your bottom line with new business or achieving a work/life balance which allows more free time to spend with family.  

    organizing home and business professional organizerOrganizing | Home Office   At Lionheart we recognize the unique challenges small business owners face with wide-ranging responsibilities from managing an office and creating marketing & networking strategies to keeping track of the financial matters all the while maintaining a new business pipeline. As an entrepreneur and business owner for over 15 years we help by providing tools and insight specifically designed to help clients reach their goals.

    Targeted Approach Equals Better Results

    Our customized approach means you will get the exact solution that works best for your business or residential needs. And, because we specialize in a wide range of services we can handle all your organizing issues. Our value Professional Organizing services include:

    • home office
    • small business 
    • paper and electronic

    • time management / calendar management
    • Apple technology solutions
    • residential space  
    • personal client & concierge services 

    The Apple Technology Organizing Expert

    apple technology mac iPad professional organizing servicesApple Organizing | Click ImageWhile we work with all types of computers we specialize in helping those using Apple Technology. Designed to give users the ability to create elegant solutions for personal and business needs, Apple Products are great for organization and business building. LionheartPro, the Apple Technology Professional Organizing Expert, is uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your systems. Thinking about switching and want specific advice about the benefits and available tools or, have you recently purchased an Apple device and need help with set up? We can provide specific strategies catered to your particular objectives. 

    NAPO Member Professional

    NAPO stands for National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. For more than 25 years NAPO has been the worldwide leader for productivity and organizing professionals, ensuring the highest level of education, excellence and professionalism. Alix is a NAPO Golden Circle member;  a designation given to organizers who have attained an elevated level of experience engaging in the business of organizing for 5 or more years. I am very proud of this distinction and value the opportunities to attend special informational meetings and conferences only open to NAPO Golden Circle Members so that I can better help my clients with the latest in organizing and productivity strategies.


    AADMM Member Professional

    AADMM is the Association of Daily Money Managers. Daily Money Managers provide services such as bill pay and organizing financial documents such as tax and medical to helping clients balance their checkbook. Clients range from busy professionals, small businesses, seniors citizens, people with disabilities to anyone struggling with the day to day taks of managing their financial lives.


    contact lionheartpro for professional organizing servicesInterested in getting the kind of results that can help you achieve your goals? Send us an email - tell us a little bit about you so we can help you get organized!